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Skin Care Mistakes


Women always complain of skin spots,skin imperfections and signs of aging. And most are preventable or correctable with good care and practice. We will tell you how to don’t make skin care mistakes. we assure that only 20 percent of aging is inevitable; the other 80 percent we can prevent, through simple routines of care and use of products that ... Read More »

Home remedies for acne


You have persistent acne or you simply want to take care of your skin,in this article we will see : How your diet plays an important role in acne and in skin problems? and what is the best home remedies for acne ? further away from the modern and industrial food,further the prevalence of acne is low. Acne and Hormones ... Read More »

Health tips summer


Certainly, when summer comes, we think of holidays in the sun and in our lovely golden skin … But sun season is also heat and some potential inconvenience. This is why at antiskinproblems we gleaned for a wide harvest of good tips that guarantee freshness and well-being in case of hot shots! How to Get Healthy Hair Hair and its ... Read More »

What is Acne? Treatments & Causes


What is acne ? Acne is a skin disease that affects nearly 9 in 10 teens and two in five women. It causes pimples on the face, neck, chest.. 38% of people are affected by acne and 17% of those with severe acne don’t consult doctors. Yet many medical solutions exist to treat this disease. What causes acne? The increase ... Read More »

Summer Hair Tips to Make Your Hair Shine


We are in the mid of the hot summer days and everything fades away with the intense sunshine of June and July, so do human hair. Here I am going to share some important summer hair tips with you so that you can be proud of your hair even during these hot weather conditions. Keep in mind the following summer ... Read More »